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A Message from the Collins Family
Anneli, Kevin and Nicolas:
Jeremy's passing

Thank you for all your love and support

On behalf of my family  we  want to thank you all for your love and
Support at the loss of our little Jeremy.    Though we have felt the most
Profound pain of loss that only a parent can experience we are at the same time
filled with surprising joy and peace.  Please know that our "Jerbear" passed
suddenly in his home without suffering and surrounded by his family that
loved him so much.  It was our honor to be able to hold him in our arms at
his birth and at his passing...if it had to be  I would not want it any
other way.

We have learned how full Jeremy's life has been since his passing and how
much he has accomplished in his short all too short 17 years.  Jeremy was
our little comet,  his bright light passed so quickly through our lives but
with such intensity.  Jeremy IS about the moment.  Where ever he goes that
IS  the perfect place- fully engaged.    Jeremy taught us not to live one's
life always planning for the future.   Life is Now,  and Now,  and Now.

Our house has been filled everyday with family,  friends,  and so many
amazing students from Drake High School.  Anneli and I are so impressed with
Jeremy's classmates.  We will never forget their  candlelight  memorial at
his school,  their painted  murals on the school walls,   their commitment
to finishing the  play he wrote and was directing, and honoring him at

To honor Jeremy, please contribute

The Collins family has set up a memorial fund to raise money for a
scholarship in Jeremy's name that will grant money to future high school
students.  The scholarship is intended to fund student projects centered
around writing,  film,  and eco travel.  These are the activities that
Jeremy most enjoyed and the ones that expanded his young soul.  We wish to
pass on that opportunity to other young students.

Your generous donation will be a treasure to our family and to future students.

Love to you all

Jeremy, Nicolas,  Anneli and Kevin

Donate to the Jeremy Collins Fund

The Jeremy Collins Fund
will benefit:

ComAcad at
Sir Francis Drake High


The Communications Academy seeks to build a commuity of self-directed learners who specialize in communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving and demonstrate learning through integrated media performance-based exhibitions.

About ComAcad     Donate

Global Education
& Action Network


GLEAN empowers students to take learning into their own hands.

Students between the ages of 13 and 19 create their individualized trips by developing a topic they would like to study, interviewing people on their wish list, and then documenting lifestyles when they arrive in the country.

Contribute to the
Jeremy Collins Fund